That’s it.

I cant stand it.

Your all worth more then you admit.

dismiss the world for a bit,

and how it tells you, you don’t fit,

of course unless you do…

Just look perfect and don’t be you.

Just be a clone of MTV.

throw out your morals and dignity.

Just get drunk or high, or whatever you feel

and if your not skinny enough just skip a meal

because nothing bad ever happens,

you don’t have repercussions of your actions.

once your rich and perfect

and your finally worth it

too the world, you have arrived.

But in reality you just died.

stop trying to be perfect in a world that doesn’t care.

If you try, you will fail and it will leave you bare.

So come on all you freaks

forget about the creeps

be happy because your already you

there’s nothing else you need to do

Life is great if you choose

if your alive then you can’t lose.

Love yourself and stop trying.

because time is flying.

So SMILE already and choose to love!

stop looking down, and look above. 






i got half a pot of coffee running through my membrane

now im feeling more like I snorted a line of cocaine

So much caffeine in the brain

too much energy to contain

better not go out in public, 

or people may think im insane.

The fact that im making a poem about this,

shows im gone in the caffeine abyss

So drink half a pot of coffee

make sure its good a frothy

Then you can be like me!

always having to pee,

with WAY too much energy.